Unmasking The Truth About Cell Phone Tower Leasing And How To Choose The Best Letting Deals


One could face a difficult situation to receive a fair tower leasing rates in the current without the cell phone companies taking advantage of the lessor. Given the capitalist economy we live ,it is common for the cell phone provider agents to charge a price lower than the required amount in the market. This could occur whereby the lessor is not aware of the normal leasing rates in his area. The mobile operators could give a suggestion of following the other rates charged to other landowners in the area. The lessor is left with no other option than to agree. This should not be case as they are a few conditions one should consider before giving in into suggestion tabled by the cell phone agents. One big question cellsite landlords should consider is what the future holds for cell tower leasing. They should understand that the wireless lease is a commodity of value that should hold a future to them. Due to advancing cellular technology and wireless carriers who may merge may cause tower leases to lose value ,so if a landlord has one set on his land he should benefit from it even in future. For more information visit this site https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecommunications_lease.

The best way for a cell tower landlord is to consult a cell tower advisor. This is an expert who can present the landlord with professional wireless lease portfolio manager representing a reputable investment group. The deal should protect one’s ground space rights. If the contractors find your piece of land feasible for development all the burden and expense of obtaining permits and approvals should belong to the tower company. A cell phone tower deal could be initially for five years with two renewal terms in most cases. At this point the landlord requires an attorney to help by guiding through all the legal processes to be involved in the deal. The rampant growth of the cell phone company and many people involved with the use of mobile phones is an assurance that such a deal of cell phone tower leasing should involve a future rise in rates.

One should also consider getting some advice from a cell tower consultant or advisor. Ensure your consultant is insured and has a previous exceptional track record of results. There exist various websites where one can click to read more about conditions to met before settling down on a specific consultant. The cell tower landlord should also consider the value of the piece of land that is about to be used as a construction site. The wireless cell operators consider various aspects before making a decision on picking a given location. These include topography, availability of power in the area as well as the geographical position the tower will take. With all these set ,the deal could also last for as long as twenty five years. That’s ample time to invest by letting out a piece of land. People with cell towers on their property could be frequently contacted by companies offering to buyout their cell tower leases. Therefore the value of this leases is huge and should be negotiated properly. Before signing a deal involvingf cell tower leases ,it is advisable to consider all conditions before letting a valuable asset drain away at your watch.


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